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This catalogue collects the book editions and editions of art prints made for MAVIDA (1989-2017), which brought together various activities related to the book, the original printing, the restoration of paper and the sale of modern original prints and books illustrated with original works, and those subsequently published with the brand of the Laboratorio Fratelli Manfredi that goes on the editorial work.

The Laboratorio also always has printed and still prints engravings, folders and books on behalf of other clients or publishers, all works collected here; in particular, for the editions of the Libreria Antiquaria Prandi, the etchings by Renato Guttuso for The years of lost images by Valerio Zurlini and the burin Greeting card for 1923 by Gino Severini for the catalog of the complete graphic work edited by Francesco Meloni; for the All'Insegna del Lanzello editions, the etchings by Alberto Manfredi for Lo zoppino; among the most important works, he has entirely created the edition edited by the Hundred Friends of the Book of the Song of Songs, illustrated with lithographs by Aldo Salvadori and the series of the Almanacco di Italia Nostra from 1989 to 2015; won the Gianfranco Fedrigoni National Prize for Pregio Publishing 2004 with the Le Stories Series and the 2015 LiberBook Prize with Lazzaro Spallanzani, Tra Scilla e Cariddi, engravings by Vincenzo Piazza.

Numerous are the artists with whom the Laboratorio has edited several editions of engravings; in addition to the already mentioned, we also remember Sigfrido Bartolini, Renzo Biasion, Gianni Cacciarini, Giancarlo Cazzaniga, Rodolfo Ceccotti, Arnoldo Ciarrocchi, Mario Calandri, Italo Cremona, Fiorella Diamantini, Gino Forti, Stefano Grasselli, Mino Maccari, Paolo Manaresi, Pompilio Mandelli, Vairo Mongatti, Franco Rognoni, Duilio Rossoni, Aligi Sassu, Alfredo Sosabravo; to these must be added the editions of biffate plates by Luigi Bartolini and Antonio Ligabue made by the owners for documentation. Many others are also the artists who have collaborated and still collaborate with the Laboratorio for book and prints editions, including many young artists, as can be seen in the following catalogue.

Pisapia Antonio
The recipe of the poet Su Shi. Poetry and food in the ancient China.

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi Edizioni, 2022, 4th large ad album (34.5x46.5 cm), pp. 26, Italian and English text in Garamond lead, Xuan paper in mulberry fiber, 13 color linocuts by Bernadette Kam Fu Lee, five of which are full page and one on the cover, signed in the colophon by the author and artist. Translations into English and into and from Chinese are by the author and artist. The story is a fine digression / invention around the poem by Su Shi Ode to the heron, printed in the counter-pages, to which the real recipe of Dong Po pork (second name of Su Shi) and Chinese bread has been added, to make homage to that culture of food that is capable of always uniting all peoples.

Roberto Roversi
Eight gliòmmeri

Reggio Emilia, 2022, in large quarter (37,5x28 cm) with free sheets, Magnani veiled paper of old and good production, cover in Alcantara paper by Sicars of Catania, pp. 42 in free sheets, with Roversi's eight unpublished gliòmmeri accompanied by as many original graphic works, signed in pencil, by some of the most important Italian engraving artists of today (Gianni Verna, Raffaello Margheri, Laura Stor, Maurizio Boiani, Ezio Camorani, Nella Piantà, Stefano Grasselli, Isabella Branella, plus on the cover the etching, also signed, by Agim Sako). The "illustrations" form a sort of specimen of the main graphic techniques, from the most ancient (xylography) to the most modern (lithography). The texts in turn are a very interesting compendium of Roversi's poetics. They are preceded by a writing by Marzio Dall'Acqua and Marco Fiori and an explanatory note by Antonio Bagnoli. The edition is 20 copies numbered in Arabic numerals ad personam, XX copies in Roman numerals, ten in letters from A to L. The texts, in Garamond, Augustea, Egizio and Carla font were printed, like the engravings, on the hand presses of the Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi of Reggio Emilia, which also took care of the graphic design and binding.

Rossi Lia
We angels

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi, 2021, 8°, pp. 30, Garaldus lead text, paper Edizioni Granosa of Ventura paper mill, paperback and cover covered in parchment paper, edition of 25 copies plus V proofs, all signed in the colophon by the author. Another collection of unpublished poems, highly imaginative, in a volume that pairs with Crepacuore, by the same poetess.

Coluccino Osvaldo

Reggio Emilia, Roberto Rodriguez Editore, 2021, 4° large, pp. 70, Garamond lead text, Magnani Velata and Silky paper for the cover, loose sheets in a canvas editorial box. The kaleidoscopic and intriguing poems of Osvaldo Coluccino, musician and poet, are accompanied by five graphic works, plus the cover one, full page and the last one signed, specially created by Franco Guerzoni according to his own unmistakable stylistic features. The volume closes with two explanatory poetic texts written by the artists. Edition of 30 numbered copies, plus X containing two graphic works by Guerzoni on loose sheets, one of which is not present in the volume, plus 1 proof, all signed in the colophon by the authors.
Branella Isabella
Amor mi mosse

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi Editions, June 2021, drypoint cm. 49,5x34, Sicars Graphia paper cm. 50x70, edition of 12 Arabs plus 2 proofs and 2 artist proofs. Wonderful engraving by the excellent Abruzzo artist, honorable mention at the Celommi Award 2020-2021 having as its theme the famous quote from Dante.

Roberto Roversi
Ask who the Beatles were

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi Editions , 2021, 4° large, pp. 14, Garamond lead text, ivory veiled Magnani paper, Malik paper cover and editorial folder in cardboard Bakri, in free sheets. The edition of the text of the famous song written by Roversi for Lucio Dalla, then brought to success by the Stadio, of 24 plus IV numbered copies, is accompanied by a preface by Gaetano Curreri, a note by Marco Fiori and illustrated by four beautiful engravings full page signed by Ezio Camorani, who also engraved the linoleum cover.

Paradiso Mario
The rooster sings at dawn

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi Editions, may 2021, open etching with aquatint reserve, on Oxford back, cm. 25x20, Magnani 3030 paper cm. 35x50. Beautiful engraving by this interesting painter and engraver from Campania, made in 24 numbered and signed copies.

Luca Pasqualini
The king and the slave

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi Editions, May 2021, color woodcut, the version with the two faces together in 6 numbered copies signed on rough Fabriano paper cm. 38x56, in 4 copies each numbered and signed the version with the single face, on Magnani veiled paper cm. 56x38. Fun and politically incorrect work by the young artist from Cavriago, made in his usual tangram style.

Rossi Lia
Heartbreak - poetry in nineteen weeks

Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi, 2020, 8°, pp. 26, Garaldus lead text, paper Edizioni Granosa of Ventura paper mill, paperback and cover covered in parchment paper, edition of 25 copies plus V proofs, all signed by the author to the imprint. An elegant little volume of unpublished poems, following one another according to the fast rhythms of synthetic ipotiposi that take on a highly original form of versification.

Roversi Roberto
Each passing month
Reggio Emilia, Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi, 2020, 4th ad album cm. 33x47, pp. 20, hand composed by Garamond font, heavy hand paper from Pescia, hard cover covered with Prana paper and canvas spine, 5 signed full-page engravings by Stefano Grasselli, paperback, edition of 15 plus VIII numbered copies.