The Laboratorio Fratelli Manfredi of Reggio Emilia, born in 1987 but already operating for several years before thanks to the apprenticeship of the owners in the studio of his father, Alberto Manfredi, after the years of participation in the company Mavida - Studio Bibliografico, arrived in 2017 in the new headquarters in via Del Pozzo 6/B, where it has everything needed to assist the artists in the creation and printing of the matrices, according to the mandatory principles of original printing, even when it comes to dealing with experimental and mixed techniques.

Thanks to the endowment of different printing presses, both typographic and lithographic presses, and of various policies of bill of fount, the Laboratorio manages, on its own and for third parties, editions of multiples and limited editions (folders, books, posters, etc.), following in all the phases the different graphic projects, up to the binding. It promotes courses in graphic techniques for schools and individuals, online exhibitions and presentation of editions in the spaces of the printing house.

The workshop is also connected to restoration services of works of art on paper and bibliographic study for the research of modern and contemporary graphic works by Italian and foreign artists.

Dry stamps on printed sheets
Logo for edition of artists' book with artists' illustrations
Hand type matter of texts, manual inking and printing by Saroglia press, max. 70x100, bills of fount Bodoni, Magister, Garaldus, Garamond, Cochin, Donatello, Linea, Eurostile plus others for drop caps, titles, posters (from Futura to various block letters and egyptians types). Rich variety of paper.
Print by Saroglia hand press of any kind of engraved plate, up to a height of 2,5 cm for sheet formats h 100 length at will, by oil and water inks. Possibility of woodcut courses in small groups for adults and lower and upper secondary schools. Rich variety of paper.
Printing by manual and electric presses Bendini and Lazzarini of plates engraved by each technique, paper sizes max 90x200, possibility of engraving with traditional and non-toxic methods, rich variety of inks and papers. Equipment for the realization of solar plate engraving. Possibility of chalcographic engraving courses for small groups for adults and lower and upper secondary schools and to rent presses.
Use of lithographic stones only up to max. of 50x35 cm. ca. for all drawing techniques, use of traditional and non-toxic procedures, printing by hand press Bollito & Torchio with max. 50x70 cm. sheet of paper. Possibility of drawing and lithographic printing courses for adults in small groups. Rich variety of paper.